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NYC Provisioning Process

The New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) provides for the sustained, efficient, and effective delivery of IT services, infrastructure, and telecommunications to enhance service delivery to the City's residents, businesses, employees, and visitors.  


  • UX Associate Director

  • Client management


  • UX Research

  • Workshop facilitation


The UX team at DoITT FDC Project Services was tasked with assessing the agency's infrastructure provisioning process using HCD (human-centred design) methodologies which allowed the team to look at the process from a holistic point of view. This document outlines the methodology used to collect internal data and the opportunities for improvement.

Problem space

Part of the core offering of The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications is to provide infrastructure and IT solutions that touch almost every aspect of urban life. Due to project road blocks and a number of partner complaints within the delivery process, the Project Services team needed an approach in order to assess service quality.


Service Blueprint

The service blueprint allowed the team to look at how DoITT provides the infrastructure provisioning service using columns representing periods over time within the current process and horizontal “swim lanes” representing service provider feelings, thoughts, and tools used while providing the service to clients. In addition the team mapped out pain points along with opportunities on how to improve what isn’t working for both Engineers and Agency Relations Managers.

Audience Types


The engineer focuses on reviewing hosting requests to ensure that the infrastructure meets technical requirements, conforms to DoITT’s hosting policies, and can be successfully supported. We focused on them as a key audience type for this workshop since they are a major aspect of providing a successful end result to DoITT’s clientele.

Agency Relations Managers

The ARM focuses on facilitating the request/intake process for customers, serving as the primary contact for escalations and facilitating the resolution of high-level issues to meet agency needs. We focused on this group as a key audience type for this workshop since they are instrumental during the initial stages of the request.

Opportunities for Improvement

Ensure the client understands the BOM (Bill of Materials) document. This could take the form of a redesigned document or some personal guidance on behalf of DoITT's service providers to ensure the client understands what is required. We may also want to provide a quiz or checklist to ensure the client is fully educated.

How can we make the right thing to do the easy thing to do? Ensure the BOM document is easy to read while using customer-centric language and show only the information that directly relates to their needs.


After conducting the workshop and implementing the opportunities for improvement, benchmarking the service delivery would allow the team to create a baseline of where the service delivery is at currently and make incremental changes over to time to ensure there is constant improvement.

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